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Friday, September 10, 2010

XStitcher 2.0 released !!

Added quantity column to inventory. Add "Matcher" tab which allows you type in a colour and it will find all colour descriptions that contain that contain that colour. Made the shopping list easier by allowing 'tap-through' from the inventory - i.e. you can add items to the shopping list by tapping the shopping cart icon. Regular variegated colours added. Fixed titles for light effects and colour variations.


  1. My question is, do you plan to expand your DMC inventory to include the Perle Coton threads (i.e. Perle Coton 5, 8, and 12)?

  2. Yes. Next major release (3.0) will have it. Unsure of when that will be - I am going through the online reviews to see what people are asking for.