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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Release Schedule

After much deliberation,here is the plan:
1) XStitcher for GAST and WDW
2) XStitcher for HDF
3) XStitcher (for DMC) 3.0 -> Corrected iPad interface, need to figure out multi-device strategy
4) XStitcher for Anchor 3.0 -> Corrected iPad interface, addition of the my stash feature
5) Add some form of calculator to all XStitcher apps
6) Crescent Colours.....

Had to split off HDF onto it's own app - I try to keep the apps to approx. 500 floss, because of memory/disk constraints. GAST has about 200, WDW about 200, but HDF seems to have about 500 by itself.

I should be able to submit the GAST and WDW version by Monday, which means it will be available for purchase around Valentine's day. HDF version should be ready for submission a week later, so it can probably be purchased around the 21st.

I am then going to focus on fixing the iPad UI for all the apps. I didn't realize I had so may iPad users. Once I've done that I'll get to some of the more recent suggestions - such as Crescent colours, etc. I do get to most things eventually, it just takes awhile - getting all the images together takes a while.

Thanks for all the feedback !!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beaster 2.3 Released

Beaster 2.3 Finally Released - first update to Beadster since the original. Added "My stash", Projects, fixed some errors in the lists.