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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beaster 2.3 Released

Beaster 2.3 Finally Released - first update to Beadster since the original. Added "My stash", Projects, fixed some errors in the lists.


  1. Hi again! I just bought the Beadster app and I find that it crashes each time I try to go back to the main Inventory screen from a list - for example, I've loaded all the petite beads and I want to move on to the Bugle beads, when I hit either inventory button (top of screen or bottom) it crashes out.

  2. I know what the problem is. The custom rows, when I release the memory for the buttons (which happens when you go back to the inventory screen) causes the crash. Will fix withn a day or so. Many apologies. Seems to be more prevalent in the newer iOS.