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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

XStitcher for Anchor submitted, new version of XStitcher (for DMC)

XStitcher for Anchor submitted: Created an Anchor thread-specific version of XStitcher. Has all the anchor colours. Should be approved within days. Now on App store.

New version of XStitcher (2.2) - added a project feature for organizing your floss by project. Now on app store.

New version of Beadster (2.2) with a project feature and the ability to run on OS 3.1.3 (for first generation iPods) will be available within days.


  1. Love your programs. Have all three and have all my beads listed. Would like to see programs for other brands of floss such as Weeks Dye Works, Cresent Colors, The Gentle Art, and Rainbow threads.

    Sailor Nancy

  2. I am creating a version for Weeks Dye Works and the Gentle Art, will finish as soon as my Christmas shopping is done :)