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Monday, April 25, 2011

XStitcher 3.0 Released

XStitcher 3.0 Released !!!

Please note that the method of marking if you own a floss has changed (changed for the first time ever). Instead of tapping a row to add, tap the box, and type in any two digit number. Swipe to delete is now enter 0 to delete :). No more swipe to delete :). You can also add inventory from matcher, mystash screens as now as well.

Allowed numeric entry of quantity, replacing 1-2-3 checkmarks
Added descriptions for color variation floss
Added descriptions for Light effects floss
Divided Light effects floss into groups by type
Fixed a number of memory errors


  1. Hi there! I've been loading my DMC stash into XStitcher and I noticed that some of the Light Effect threads are not present in the database. I think they were loaded only from the color card, but there are others that are only available in the threadpacks. Can you add the others? - http://www.dmc-usa.com/majic/pageServer/12010100ug/en_US/LE-threads-packs.html

  2. Will add the colours soon. Thanks for the comment.

  3. In the next upgrade can you make it so that on the projects, we can see which colors we have in our stash already.

    I still have to pull out paper and write down what's in the project and go manually compare it to the stash.

    It would be nice. Maybe even have an option to add all from a project that aren't in stash to shopping list. Or at least be able to add to shopping list from a project.