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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Small patch for XStitcher, and Silk Ribbons, maybe....

XStitcher 3.1 with a delete button for projects and Anchor conversions coming this week.

If I made a Silk Ribbons inventory app for Thread Gatherer and YLI, would anyone buy it?


  1. No as I dont use those brands, however I'd look forward to an update on the wdw app as some are missing.

  2. Do you have examples of which ones are missing -

  3. Actually I think you already sent me the list (wow I am really behind) in an email wdw 2244 grenadine,1114 lemonade,1115 banana popsicle,1226 butterscotch,1083 bashful,1329 blackberry,2248 cherry vanilla,2296 sweetpea,1161 hydrangea,2191 granny smith are missing, not sure of there are others but I hope this helps, I find the numerical way of entering better that the ticks as I often have more than 3 of a colour.
    Thanks for your interest